Week Beginning 10th January

P1/2 have had a busy start to the New Year.


We have been learning about fiction and non-fiction texts and have had a go at sorting books into fiction and non-fiction.

The primary 1 children have been introduced to the characters in our reading books and have been matching character names to pictures. As well as learning about books and how to handle books sensibly. The children have been trying hard to read the words in the book and to follow the reading of others in the group.

Primary 2 have also been issued their new reading books.

Can you please ensure that your child brings their reading book to school everyday to allow us to do our reading. Unfortunately, we do not always have enough copies of each book to have spare ones in the classroom for when children forget to bring their reading book to school. Thank you for your support with this.

School Library

P1/2 will be having a regular library slot this term. This will be on a fortnightly basis. Can the children return any borrowed library books during our next visit on Thursday 26th January.


We continued with our numeracy learning from before the holidays. Next week we will start learning about Shape. We will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, as well as the names and properties of the different shapes. The primary 1 children will be working with and learning about 2D shapes, while the primary 2 children will be revising 2D shapes and learning about 3D shapes.


We have been revising the names of colours in Spanish. We have enjoyed playing different games to consolidate this learning. We have also started learning number names in Spanish and to count to 10.


Next week is friendship week and we will be building upon our learning from term 1 on friendship and how to be a good friend through different activities and games.


This term our topic will be “People Who Help Us”. We will start our topic after Burn’s/Scottish week.

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One Response to Week Beginning 10th January

  1. Jack says:

    Great start, looking forward to see more progresses in 2017

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