Growth mindset/Friendship week

Welcome back to Preston Street School and I trust you have all had a lovely break over the holidays. Firstly can I just say a big thank you for the lovely gifts I received ,  not necessary but very kind and appreciated!

On your marks, get set, GO …… this term has set off at a  great pace and we have lots of miles to cover!

Last week saw us continue work from week 1 one developing a growth mindset. To believe in ourselves and have  a go!  We worked on tasks and activities related to a story I read called ‘ Giraffes can’t dance ‘ which gave us lots of deep discussion. We also  looked at all the things we CAN do and those we can’t do YET ! Pictures of our wonderful dancing giraffes to follow !

It was also our Friendship Assembly last Friday to end our week of work on anti-bullying.

The tasks we did made a big impact. Have a look at the pic collages and hopefully they will  explain everything !





Toothpaste words …….






Other activities this week included looking at compound words and syllables in literacy along with ‘wow’ words ( great vocabulary and some revision work on sharing and number work adding on 10 and taking away 10.





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5 Responses to Growth mindset/Friendship week

  1. Fiona B says:

    Thanks for posting this. Great to hear about all the discussions!

  2. allana morrison says:

    Love the apple idea! Wonderful to see the classroom activites and messages to be kind x

  3. Kirsty Murdoch says:

    P2 class blog is great! I’m really impressed with these exercises about unkind words and how they can hurt people inside. Simple but effective I’m sure. Thanks☺

  4. Katerina Marinitsi says:

    The way you spoke about how our words can hurt someone inside – the apple story – it is just amazing. Same for the toothpaste trick. Thank you for making our kids better and more caring people.

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