Running and fitness in P5/6

img_3059Since returning to school in January, the P5/6 class have been running every day.

From Monday to Thursday, we do various drills in order to develop fitness and running capability (for example, interval running.)

On a Friday, we go on a timed run. Today the class ran for ten minutes, aiming to finish the run without stopping.

Every week, we will do running drills from Monday through to Thursday and then increase the duration of the Friday timed run by two minutes – based on this we should reach 24 minutes by the Easter holidays.

The emphasis is on personal achievement, with pupils setting their own goals. For some children, their goal may simply be to be able to run without stopping. Other pupils may aim to achieve a particular distance, or be able to run at an increased pace for a longer part of the session.

img_3060Pupils are encouraged to develop a growth mindset and set targets based on their own current level of ability (rather than comparing themselves to others.) One of the great advantages of running is that everyone can join in at their own level.

There are a number of pathways available for pupils who enjoy running, including the P5-6 school Cross Country championships in February, inter-school cross country competitions in February/March for our P6 pupils, and the school running club which restarts in March.

As well as developing their ability in running, we hope that this daily physical activity will deliver wider benefits in terms of pupils’ physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

As you can see, our pupils certainly feel happy and energised when they complete their daily run!



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