Parents wanted for playground workshop and day of action – Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th February

The following is a message from our Playground Development Group:

During the Festival of Creative Learning at the University of Edinburgh, a two day workshop will run at Preston Street Primary School on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th February. The workshop will involve a guest speaker discussing new concepts in creating child free play spaces, and also helping run a ‘collaborative playground planning workshop’ for parents, children and university helpers, who will then put these ideas into practice in a practical day of designing and upgrading Preston Street Playground to provide better spaces for the different play needs of its pupils.


One of the murals which was painted during our last playground development day in 2015.

This will include painting murals on the sheds, removing the wooden shed, tidy up planters and willows, plant bulbs and enhance the …structure! If you’re free, why not join us!

If you are able to come and assist on either or both days, please contact our school administrator, Mrs Anderson, via

The University of Edinburgh through students and staff at ESALA and Moray House have established a long relationship with Preston Street School Staff and Students in their work over the last few years during past Innovative Learning Weeks helping design and upgrade the school playground. “PLOPS” was the name given to the Preston Street Playground Upgrading scheme involving UoE students two years ago. See what has happened before:

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