View From the Top

Each year, the Royal Mile Primary create an art gallery in their stairwell displaying the work of at least one child from every class.  For the last couple of years, as part of transition, Preston Street has been invited to submit several pieces of artwork to be displayed for a whole year in their school.

This year the theme was ‘View from the top’ so the P7s talked about what this could mean.  We got some brilliant ideas – not all possible unfortunately but super all the same!  However, by working in small, dedicated groups, we managed to realise some of our creative dreams!  My P7s are brilliant collaborators and can be so supportive of one another.  I’m amazed at what they achieved.   Here are just a few examples including the final pieces that will be sent to Royal Mile PS next week.

Can  you spot Sam’s amazingly realistic flying hummingbird?  I love the movement he created.  I can really feel that bird beating its wings and hovering as it feeds!

Morwenna’s barn owl has the grace and power of one of my very favourite birds.  She captured the body shape perfectly. I’m quite upset that I’ll have to let her take it home at the end of term!  He could happily live with my extensive owl collection!

What about Dylan and Simon’s effort?  Taking a slightly different approach to the theme of a ‘bird’s eye view’ (I’d expect no less from that pair!) their stunning purple dragon looks as it it’s up to some sort of mischief!

And finally the pieces that were submitted to Royal Mile.

Rosa and Eloise created this gorgeous hummingbird.  I enjoy watching the girls work together as they problem solve to get the best possible results.  Their delicate bird is a tribute to their teamwork.

Another brilliant example of teamwork is our world model.  I think we can overlook the slightly less than accurate geography in favour of the brilliant creative ideas.  Louise came up with the initial concept, then the model itself was made by an ever- changing combination of, Maite, Rainbow, Aaron, Ajwad and Ibee.  Bonus points to Aaron who did most of the washing up after painting each activity and Ajwad who made sure all those tiny bits of paper from the back of the double sided tape got picked up from the floor!

Maite created this lovely blended sky line to show how it feels when you finally reach the top of a huge hill and feel as if you’re on top of the world.  The vibrant colours and strong silhouette are very powerful.

And finally, Lily.  I’m awestruck at how a child in primary school could produce such a detailed technical drawing without copying an existing piece of work, but this is entirely Lily’s own creation developed from my lesson on vanishing points and perspective.  As someone with a fear of heights, this makes my stomach jump!  And once again – Lily’s friends rallied around to help her finish it in time to submit it, with 3 minutes until the bell.  Amazing artwork.

I’m also proud of Rayan, who missed the lesson on technical drawing, due to helping Mr Maclean, but after a 2 minute mini lesson, was able to produce something wonderful, with shading to boot!  We’ll find some time to finish off next week and get some more pics up on the blog.







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One Response to View From the Top

  1. Morwenna's Mum and Dad says:

    What a fantastic collection of artwork! So much hard work by everyone. What a creative class! Thanks to Miss Ritty for all her efforts!

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