Primary 2 update

As promised, here  are pictures of our cool giraffes that helped us understand about a growth mindset. Before  reading the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ a lot of us used phrases like, ‘ I can’t do it , ‘ I’m no good at this’ but now making the tricky legs of our giraffes, the classroom was full of , ‘ I can’t do it YET, ‘ I’m getting it now’ , ‘I’ve got it’, ‘ I can help teach you ‘ all fantastic to hear!img_0560

The last few week have been busy with lots of different learning styles used and some real successful learners in Primary 2.

Here are some of the things we have been doing……

Celebrating Scots week and learning about where some Scottish produce comes from.


.img_0561img_0562img_0559Our topic work is coming to and end and Miss Ferrier has been looking at constellations and learning about what an astronomer does.

Primary 2 are so proud of their latest group work challenge! First we learnt about the talented artist, Vincent Van Gogh and discussed lots of his pictures and how we felt about them. We then looked carefully at Van Gogh’s brush stroke style and pointillism. As it linked nicely with the final chapter of our class novel ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ we studied the painting titled ‘Starry Night’img_0563Ourimg_0565

The first task was individually recreating the picture on the Ipad and with paints.

In our cooperative learning groups, we then took a section of this painting and carefully recreated that part of the picture.Everyone was delighted when we put the sections together and it looked so good. A big thumbs up for the way we all worked together!img_05681img_05731


In Maths this last few weeks Miss Ferrier is continuing with Time work and I am focusing on Numeracy skills shown below and a brief synopsis of what’s been/being done with different groups.

 Sequencing numerals: Placing out cards x to y randomly arranged. Putting  these cards in order…Numerals 0 – 100
 Sequencing Decade Numerals: Placing out  decade cards from 10 to 40, randomly arranged. Putting these cards in order.  Saying  the numbers and  pointing to them Similarly order other decade cards. 
 Sequencing Off-Decade Numerals: Place out off-decade cards from 6 to 36, randomly arranged. As above  using numerals 0 – 100
 Early Multiplication and Division

Combining and Counting Equal Groups: Placing out ten 2-dot cards. Show me 2 dots. Now 2 more dots. How many is that altogether? Now 2 more dots. How many is that altogether? Can you put them in a pattern? (That is make a 2×10 rectangular array of dots) Now 2 more.  Count the dots. Two, four, six eight. Count  by twos   Dot Cards

 Determining the Number of Equal Groups: Here are 10 eggs. Here are some baskets. Each basket should get 2 eggs. Put 2 eggs in each basket. How many baskets have 2 eggs.Here are 15 biscuits. Here are some plates. Put 3 biscuits on each plate. How many plates get 3 biscuits.

Similarly with 12 and 4, 20 and 5 and so on.

Determining the number in an equal share: Here are 6 counters. Here are 3 people. Can you share the counters out so that each person gets an equal share? How many counters does each get?Here are 12 counters. Here are 4 people. Can you share the counters out so that each person gets an equal share? How many counters does each get?


 ARRAYS     useful website   

Describing Visible Arrays: Placing out a 4 x 6 array. Here is an array? What do you notice? These are called rows. How many rows are there? What can you say about each row? These are called columns. How many columns are there? What can you say about each column? Similarly for arrays 3×5, 3×2, 6×3 and so on. 

Building Visible Arrays: place out 3 rows of 6 dots. Here are some rows. What do you notice about each row? Can you make an array? Point to each of the rows in your array. How many rows are there? Point to each column in your array. How many columns are there? Similarly for 4 rows of 2 dots, 2 rows of 7 dots, 5 rows of 4 dots, and so on.

Determining the Number of Dots on Visible Arrays:

Place out a 2×5 array. This array has two rows of 5 dots. How many dots are there altogether?Similarly with 2×3, 3×5, 6×2, 4×4 and so on.

Hope this makes sense !




I pad Apps

 Please find below a list of some of the I pad apps which we use in school for literacy and numeracy. All of the apps are free to download, some may require in app purchases.

The apps are split into literacy/numeracy and under subheadings. Each App name is in bold and is followed by a short description.

Literacy          Handwriting/ Letter Formation

Finger paint – practice writing sounds using finger, can use to write cursive letters too

Doodoo Pad – drawing programme, can use to write cursive letters and words

Sound/Letter Recognition

 Abc Lite       – letter and sound recognition. Click on sound to hear sound and letter name to hear letter name, has a bird/animation for this and a word with that initial sound. Informational purpose, not a game. 

CVC Words

Road block – vowels. CVC words, select correct vowel to complete the word

Short Vowels – select a vowel, and find the short vowel words (CVC words) on the fish

CVC word – 4 pictures displayed, app says a word, child has to select the matching picture

Kids phonics 2 – CVC words, says sounds and blends words, builds up difficulty

Phonics vowels – short and long vowels

First words – drag letters for CVC words in the correct order onto the letter shadows given

Word magic – words with a missing letter. Have to select missing letter from a small selection given

Common Words

 Cimo spelling – common words spelling, using the given letters to make the word, no picture clues

Spelling Bee – can add own set of spelling words for children to use in a variety of games.


Spelling Magic 2 – select either word building or movable alphabet. Word building – choose a theme and then build the words, picture shown and word said. Has the correct letters shown, need to put the letters in the correct order. Moveable alphabet – chose a theme, shows a picture and says the word, alphabet displayed at the top, select the correct letters to build the word.

Spelling Bee – can add own set of spelling words for children to use in a variety of games.

Simplex Spelling Phonics Lite –child hears a word being set and in a context, needs to select the correct letters from the alphabet at the bottom to build the word. Various word lists starts with CVC words.

Whack a word – app says a word, moles then appear holding letters, children need to select the letters to make the word in the correct order

Sentence Reading/Building

Sentence 1 – 2 options, Sentence building or sentence reading. Sentence building – 2 words or 3 words. Shows a picture, sentence is said aloud, child puts the words in the correct order (words there to move).  Sentence Reading – 2 or 3 words. Child reads the sentence given at the bottom and then clicks the white box above it to reveal the picture. Can click on the sentence to hear it read aloud.


Rhyming Bee – Rhyming words. Ipad says word and shows word, child selects rhyming word from 2 pictures below, can click on the pictures to hear the words. Ipad repeats the word shown for the child to hear.

Montessori Rhyme Time – rhyming pictures, no words. Children match up 2 rhyming pictures.

Compound Words 

Make a compound word – pictures and words to make a compound word

 Fun compound words – words only. Find the 2 which go together to make a compound word

Compound word match – words only. Pairs (memory) game, turn over 2 cards to see if they make a compound word

Compound Word with Gama – Words and pictures (spell) bring up the 2 words to make a compound word


Numeral Recognition/Counting/Ordering

 Flowers    numeral/letter/shape recognition – colour by numbers, or by letters, by shape, by + or – sums or by + and – sums in the same puzzle

123 Basic Number Counting   numeral recognition and counting

Lola’s math train   numeral recognition

Math 3-4 (math is fun)  counting objects and selecting correct numeral and recognising most/least

123 genius             counting to 10, finger patterns to 10, tracing numerals

Hungry fish          numeral recognition

CountSort            sort chips – dividing them into 2 groups, count chips – count chips and select right number, estimate chips – select correct number without counting or 10 frame – count the chips in the 10 frame and select correct number.   Can set maximum and minimum number up to 32.

Calculate                 ordering. Order numerals

Add and Subtract HD  ordering numerals, forwards and backwards

First Grade selection of activities – ordering, patterns, word bingo. Can pay to add extra activities.

Domino – computer generated game of dominos, matching dot patterns

Number Quiz  number formation and recognition

Addition and Subtraction/ Number Bonds

Addition Wiz       + game. Can set level add by 1, add by 2 etc.


Subtract Wiz        – game. Can set level subtract by 1, subtract by 2 etc.

Dino math                Select level. Ipad displays a completed sum e.g. 2+1=3, children have to decide if it is correct or incorrect

10 frame fill              number bonds for 10

Math fight                + –  sums to compete against a friend, sharing the ipad

Penguin math           + facts (can set max number, 10, 100 or 1000)

Math penguin lite    + facts

Addition!                 + facts. Bowling theme game. Count and add the 2 sets of pins knocked down

Bubble Maths!       + and – can select a level.

Math Dots               – facts, can choose from 3 levels

Pirate Sword         + or  –  or mixed + – facts practice answering sums or time self  for quick recall. Can also play 2 player game using practice or time

Butterfly maths  + shows a sum, children have to answer the sum by moving the butterflies into the area and app counts them as they go in.


Geoboard                  make shapes using “elastic bands” on a pegboard

Identify 3d shapes   name 3d shapes

Colors and shapes   lets you look at and explore 2d and 3d shapes

3D Shapes                 lets you look at and explore 3d shapes

Shapes                       names 2d shapes and colours

Friendly toys            2d shapes. Build simple pictures by moving the 2d shapes onto the correct spaces

Time        Generally matching up analogue times and also

                   looking at some in digital form too

Telling time-8 Games to tell time         

Wake the Rooster by Telling Time  

Interactive Clock Telling Time to learn




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7 Responses to Primary 2 update

  1. Fiona B says:

    Wow! What a lot of information. Thanks so much. We’ll have a look at all these apps over the half term. Thank you!!!

  2. Martin and Leeanne says:

    I am blown away, Leeanne and I honestly believe this is the best school in Edinburgh. We can’t thank the teachers enough for all the hard work. Thank you all so so so much… xxx

  3. allana morrison says:

    What an incredible range of work the kids have been working on. Love the giraffes and growth mindset message. Harley particularly loved the Scottish food day and enjoyed telling me all the foods and drink from Scotland. The Van Gogh painting recreations is a beautiful idea and the children all look like they loved it! Thanks so much for all the work that’s gone into this post! I’ll need to have a good read of the maths bit!

  4. Diana Sim says:

    Angus made us soup after having done it at school. He was also incredibly excited by the Van Gogh work. Thank you so much for all your hard work, on and on and on!

  5. Jackie McGregor says:

    Cannot believe the amount of work you must have put into this. Thank you

  6. Katerina Marinitsi says:

    Oh! I cannot believe how lucky these kids are to have you as teachers. So inspirational, you are giving important messages in such a simple way. I loved the giraffes, the scottish cooking… everything. The information about the apps is so useful, i was struggling to find some good ones. Thank you so much for the amazing work !

  7. Deanna says:

    Thanks for the update. Appreciate all the app tips as well as the lovely pics and explanations!

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