Primary One are Awesome Writers!

This week during our ‘Big Writing’ lessons we have been looking at imaginative writing. We then used our imaginations to create our firefighters stories! We think they are awesome and hope that you enjoy reading them. We worked hard on our sentence structure and used ‘wow’ words.

In numeracy this week, we have been discovering the add story for the numbers 0-5. We have used our fingers, cubes and various other strategies to find these crucial facts. Now we are trying to turn these discoveries into ‘learn its’, facts we simply know and can easily recall when we need them!

Of course we are obviously enjoying using the people who help us dress up box to add a touch of drama in our classroom!

We are continuing to learn our blends. Last week was -ai- and -ay, this week we have moved onto -ee- and -ea-. This terms phonic block is the most challenging block covered by p1 so please continue to support your childs learning at home by using the materials issued to you. This makes a HUGE difference to their achievements.

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