Week Beginning 6th February


P1/2 concluded their learning in shape this week. The children have enjoyed the “hands on” activities and learning around shape. They particularly enjoyed learning about symmetry and using mirrors to find out if shapes and pictures were symmetrical. The children understood the concept of symmetry really well and enjoyed making their own symmetrical pictures and paintings. We made symmetrical name shape monsters, using our name and decorating it to turn it into a symmetrical monster. After the holiday we will be continuing with our numeracy learning.


The children have enjoyed the new finger gym activities available, which help to build up our fine motor skills which in turn help with our pencil control and our writing skills. The primary 1 children have learned about “ee” and “ea”. The primary 2 children continued learning about 2 syllable words. The week after the holiday is a revision and assessment week for the primary 2 children.

We have also been learning about rhyme and played some games to reinforce rhyme.


We have been continuing with our learning about firefighters and fire safety. We enjoyed using an online game to role play dialling 999 in a fire emergency, we know only to phone this number in a real emergency. We also enjoyed learning about “stop, drop and roll” and acting this out safely in the classroom using cushions, this is a 3 step procedure to follow if our clothes were to ever catch fire to smother the flames.

Have a lovely February holiday!

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