P2: Literacy Rich Block 7

The p2s in both the p2 class and the P1/2 class are moving onto Block 7 of the Literacy Rich programme.

I have attached an overview of block 7 of the P2 Literacy Rich programme to this post, which you can download by clicking the above link.This outlines when the spelling rules and common words are introduced.  I have also included words lists for each spelling rule.

This block goes over sounds previously taught in P1 including the vowel digraphs ( two letters that make one vowel sound when they are together, such as oa in the word boat.)

Here is a sound ruler with a reminder of these sounds ( It is colour coded to help remember the sound each vowel digraph makes- the digraphs on the grey strip all make an ‘ay’ sound, the digraphs on the green strip all make an ‘ee‘ sound etc. Please just ask us if you are unsure!)

It would be also helpful to go over vowels and consonants with your child as this will really help with the learning in this block.

I hope you find this useful.

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2 Responses to P2: Literacy Rich Block 7

  1. D Atkins says:

    Thanks for the spelling lists! This is very handy to have online 🙂

  2. allana morrison says:

    Great! Have downloaded and printed the sound ruler, super helpful!

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