Over the past few months, four children from Preston Street Primary have been working collaboratively on a project called the Euroquiz. Daisy, Elsa, Max (P6) and Pedro (P5/6) have relentlessly attended lunch clubs within the school along with sacrificing their own evenings and weekends to study for the competition.

The Euroquiz is run by the Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET) and is a fun and exciting way for pupils to learn about Europe and practise their foreign languages while developing teamwork and problem solving skills. The Euroquiz competition is for Primary 6 pupils and is open to all primary schools across Scotland. Heats take place in each local authority area and the winning teams are invited to attend the Euroquiz National Final held in the Scottish Parliament Building in May 2017.
On Monday 13th March, Preston Street were invited to the Edinburgh City Chambers to partake in their authority heat. In all, there were four rounds which included the following: Geography, Languages, European Union and finally Culture, History & Sport.

I am thrilled and proud to announce that Preston Street came joint second, then third overall. This is an enormous accomplishment considering it was our maiden year within the competition and twenty teams entered. To accomplish a score of 49/60 is an amazing achievement and after being congratulated by other schools, I since learned that this would have been a winning score in other authorities across Scotland. It’s just unfortunate we were up against stiff competition. We would like to congratulate Sciennes on their win and wish them all the very best in the final.

Yet again, a massive well done to Daisy, Elsa, Max and Pedro for their phenomenal efforts. We are extremely proud of you all.


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3 Responses to Euroquiz

  1. Jackie McGregor says:

    This was a wonderful opportunity and all the hard work and learning will never be wasted. Thanks very much, Mr Anderson, for the amazing support and encouragement you offered the team. A good life lesson – we can’t always win but so important to give every opportunity a go!

  2. Becky Colegrave says:

    Brilliant work – well done guys!

  3. What an amazing achievement Team Euro! You made us all very proud!

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