Week Beginning 13th March


P1/2 have had an exciting week. We have had lots of visitors this week, visiting us to tell us about their jobs and how they help people. We have had Oscar’s dad who told us all about being a 999 police call handler, Sam’s dad who told us about being in the navy and Eric’s mum told us about her job teaching Japanese at the university. We also had the mum and dad of Anagh from primary 1 come to see us. Anagh’s mum told us about her work with solar energy and Anagh’s dad told us about his job in engineering and teaching. He teaches people how to make aeroplane parts and about air flow and liquid.

Thank you to all of our fab visitors – the children absolutely loved hearing from you all!


Primary 1

The children have been continuing to learn more long vowel sounds, focussing on “oi” and “oy” this week. As well as learning new tricky words. We have also been reading our books and discussing these in within our group.

Primary 2

P2 have continued learning about adding “ing” onto the end of words and what this does to the meaning of the word. As well as learning new tricky words. The children have enjoyed reading their books and discussing these, as well as doing comprehension tasks about their reading.


We are learning about money. We have been learning about the value of the 8 British coins and have learned about notes too. We have been practising recognising and naming the coins as well as ordering them by value. We have also been counting groups of coins, same coin sets for the primary 1 children and both same and mixed coin sets for the primary 2 children. Next week we will build on this to deepen our understanding.


We have loved having the apparatus out, including the wall bars! We have been learning how to use this equipment safely. Our favourite part were the ropes for swinging on!


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  1. Becky Colegrave says:

    I loved seeing these pictures!

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