A bit of everything!

P7 have been working so hard over the last few weeks we’ve barely had time to post!

Our beautiful under-the-sea themed mural is completed and is awaiting its final home in the ‘Structure’ in the playground.  Keep your eyes peeled for some fishy business going on!

The Eco Greenhouse is getting closer to completion! The P7s have been making the walls by putting bottles together on canes.  It looks fantastic and will hopefully be home to some newly grown veg soon!

The class have been learning some focus and concentration skills – a little bit like mindfulness and have been really enjoying the different activities we have done.  One of the most popular tasks is the ‘zentangle’ inspired art, which uses detailed and repetitive patterns – much like the adult colouring books that are so popular.  As we had finished our book, ‘Soul Eater’ we had a go at creating half close observational wolf pictures – with a focus on fur length, direction and tone, and half ‘zentangle’ patterns.  I think you’ll agree the class did exceptionally on both counts!  Keep it up, P7!

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