Mystery of the Golden Stars

Over the course of this term P6 have been partaking in an Europe/EU topic because of its relevance to Britain just now. I have been blown away with their response to the topic and found them all deeply inquisitive about how the EU operates. One resource that really stood out from the others was an interactive book call, Mystery of the Golden Stars.

The adventure book tells the story of two friends, Josh and Ricki, who meet a girl called Maddy in Brussels, Belgium. In order to find Maddy’s missing father and a stolen treasure, the three children have to solve a series of puzzles whilst avoiding other interested parties! They travel around the city to solve the puzzles, but they need the help of their class. At the end of each chapter, an ‘e-mail’ appears from the characters asking for help in solving a puzzle. This is where P6 comes in.
The chapters of the story book serve as an introduction to each of the six cross-curricular activities. There is a detailed plan for each activity which lists background information, objectives and curriculum links.
We hope you enjoy our interactive learning.


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