Dr Bunhead visits primary 1

We had a special visit from Dr Bunhead and his puppet fuzz balls. They taught science concepts through the puppets.

Dr Bunhead taught us about different materials being used for different purposes. The  puppets made a 2nd set of puppets, and explained why they selected the materials that they chose.

Dr Bunhead also taught us about sound amplification. A dinosaur with a little roar used a cup to increase her roar. The bigger the cup, the bigger the amplification, the louder the noise.

Finally he taught us about living things needing energy.  A very energetic dog becomes hungry. The concept is that living things need fuel but different living things need different kinds of food. They suggested feeding the dog different foods, batteries, petrol etc.

Dr Bunhead told us that he had a few FREE puppet shows on during the Easter holidays so if your child enjoyed the show, google his website for details of these events.

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