Camp 2017

Well, we made it! Despite some of our very best efforts, we returned from Benmore today! Yes, some of us have a few new bumps and bruises, and some of us have fewer clothes, judging by the pile of soggy socks left unclaimed on the drying room floor,  and ALL of us are exhausted, but WE MADE IT!!

A super time was had during all of our activities. Instructors and staff were delighted with the confidence, kindness, resilience, and tenacity of our pupils and I’m, once again, proud to be part of Team Preston Street.  What’s more, we’ve really bonded with our partner school, Royal Mile.  I think a lot of strong friendships were built, which will be a super support come August.

The real photos will follow shortly. There’s several hundred to upload from the school cameras (and, at a guess, I think I have probably quite a few selfies to sift through…) but here’s a few I took on my phone to keep you going!

However,  I should warn you, I had a 3 and a half hour bus journey with nothing to do but watch a terrible movie, or play with a new photo editing app, so I hope you like our arty pics and I’ll pop the real ones up after I return from my Spanish language course on the second week of the Easter Holiday.

Have a good rest, P7. You did us proud.



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1 Response to Camp 2017

  1. Susanna gray says:

    Great photos and fantastic memories!!

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