Primary 5 – magazines and challenges


Primary 5 have had a very busy week packed with lots of active learning and group work.
We have worked very hard to finish our topic of The Human Body. We completed our life-size human bodies and we finished our glossy magazines. We really enjoyed going to the Primary 3 classroom where we shared our magazines with the class. As the photographs show, there was a real buzz in the classroom as Primary 5 demonstrated their talking skills, whilst Primary 3 showed excellent listening skills. All in all, this was a huge success.
On Thursday we tackled a design challenge that involved making a free-standing model out of spaghetti and marshmallows to see which group designed and built the tallest structure that did not collapse when I stamped my foot next to it! This learning experience was designed to challenge the children to use their developing co-operative group skills as well as their design and technology skills.
This has been such a busy and successful term with all the children making real progress in their own targets and in their journey to becoming successful independent learners. They all deserve praise for their effort and achievements.
I wish you all a happy and healthy Easter break.

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