First week of term 4

Rainforest topic

This week we finished off our rainforest topic which we have really enjoyed. After completing our KWL grids on what we had learned over the topic we realised that we were now rainforest experts. We really enjoyed our rainforest party afternoon on Thursday where we tasted fruits found in the rainforest and created a bar chart of our favourite fruits. We also made some great rainforest animal masks from paper plates.

Before the holidays P3/4 did a FANTASTIC assembly on what they had been learning about the rainforest. Our favourite part of the assembly was performing our sounds of the rainforest storm which we created using only parts of our body.  Before the holidays we also engaged in a class debate about deforestation, the class were very good at respecting others opinions and points of view and taking on various roles. As a class we came to the conclusion that we were against deforestation.

Hope you enjoy some of our most recent rainforest topic pictures. The class will be starting their new topic next week.


This week the class wrote some great imaginative stories and newspaper articles about the Easter bunny.

Our reading classes will resume Monday 24th April.


This week and next week the class will be doing revision of what they have learned in P3/4 so far. We have already started revising money; all children should now be able to calculate change from a pound, some groups have worked with larger amounts up to £20. The class really enjoyed working as shop keepers and creating their own receipts.

Recycling and sustainability

A huge thank you to Holly’s mum Sam Pringle who came into the class on Friday to talk to us about her expertise in marine biology and some of the endangered sea creatures here in Scotland. We learned lots about the types of animals found in the sea around Scotland. We also learned that some of these animals are in danger due to pollution. The class were shocked when they heard how long some of our daily rubbish takes to decompose.  The class are now considering what they can do to help recycle and reduce pollution.

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