Week Beginning 24th April


The primary 1 children have been revising the block 2 work, reinforcing the digraphs and long vowels covered as well as the common words. We are currently in the middle of the national p1 literacy assessments.

The primary 2 children have completed block 7, and have been learning the last set of –ing words and the final 3 common words. Next week will be a revision and assessment week for block 7.


We have been concluding and reinforcing our learning of money. Reinforcing counting sets of mixed coins and calculating change. The primary 1 children have completed the national maths assessments this week.


We have been doing lots of Spanish this week. Over the year the children have been introduced to the vocabulary of colours, the days of the week, greetings, numbers to 20 and most recently animals. The children have been very engaged and have really enjoyed learning about the Spanish names for animals this week. We have been naming animals with our partner, finding the animal our partner says and role playing animals when a Spanish animal is called, moving as this animal would and making any sounds that animal makes. As well as  working with a partner to pretend to be different animals for the class to guess using the Spanish names. The children are able to recall Spanish animal names well. Please see the photos below.


We have a block of dance during our PE time on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next few weeks. Our dance lessons are being led by Miss Vincent. See below for photos of us participating in the dance lessons.


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