Term 4

I am really sorry that I am so late in putting this up. As you can imagine this final term is a very busy term. Any please have a look at the picture below to see all the learning outcomes (highlighted yellow) that we are covering this term.

Our topic this term is Our Community, we will be learning about the physical features of the community, the history, human and cultural characteristics and what we can do to protect our community.

In Literacy – we are continuing to deliver reading and grammar through the new system. In writing, we are going to be working on imaginative writing, looking specifically at structure, starting with a good hook, and developing a strong end to our stories.

Numeracy – This term Primary 4 is piloting the new Big Maths programme. The new structure see children develop startegies across all areas of numeracy each week, rather than concentrating on one particular area.

Maths – We will be learning about shape and data handling.

Health and Wellbeing – the children will continue to get a session with our PE specialist Mr Smith. We will be having Health promoting partnerships on Monday afternoons and a growth mindset class once a week.


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