Primary 2 update…..


It’s been a busy few weeks…………..

Look what we have been up to!

Our short but fun time with tennis is over and now we have started on some football skills. Over the next few weeks on a Thursday afternoon we have a coach coming in to prep us all with our skills to take part in a football festival at Peffermill on Wednesday the !4th June. (More information to follow.)






In maths we have been doing lots of practical work to understand place value in 2 and 3 digit number. Some useful apps –Cookie Factory and Place Value Fish. Another useful website for general maths is TODO MATH which Aeara tells me she loves using to help her learn at home, thank you for letting us know about this great find !



Literacy Rich is focusing on two syllable words and dropping the ‘e’ before adding ‘ing’ to words. Eg. make- making, flame- flaming. Next week will focus on ‘ed’ endings, eg. belt –belted  land –landed etc. We continue with learning those tricky words daily in practical, active ways !



Torrin took a screen shot of her of spelling activity work on the ipad using the programme ‘Doodle’

In cooperative learning it’s been fun and games…. literally…. as we continue to develop our social skills.

We created game boards which would ensure we shared our knowledge of castles and of characters and plot from our class novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone’.





Last week we looked at castle defence and attack, and groups were challenged to make a working catapult. We realised some of the designs were so effective we had to join tables together to measure the distance the pompoms were catapulted. We then had fun firing some popcorn !!!




A few weeks ago Ukele lessons started and Mate’o kindly let Dillan, who we all know loves music , very carefully have a look and a play with this instrument.IMG_0957




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