Week Beginning 5th June

Big Writing

P1/2 have been learning about imaginative stories and over the past 3 weeks have been writing our own imaginative stories. For our first piece of imaginative writing we wrote a story about our puppets. Last week we wrote about a dragon and today we wrote about a secret door.


We have been learning about time. We have been learning and reinforcing the days of the week and the order which they follow. We have done lots of fun activities around this. We have also looked at the months of the year and the seasons. We have discussed different places where we can find the time and different types of clocks. We designed our own clocks in class. We have also looked at measuring time using non-standard units such as counting. We enjoyed seeing what we could do in 10 seconds, 30 seconds and in 1 minute to help us understand different lengths of time.


P7 came to help us complete our bottle head puppets. It was great having 1 or 2 p7 child to help each p1 or p2 child in the class. Our p7 buddies worked well with us, helping us to do all of the tricky bits! Our finished puppets look fantastic! We did some “hot seating” we asked a puppet different questions and the “puppet” answered (the child who made the puppet was in role as the puppet).

Reducer visit

Last week the “Reducer” mascot and 2 police officers came to visit p1 and p1/2. We listened to the police officers tell us about the “Reducer” and the 20MPH zones. Then we went outside to see how the police speed gun works.



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