South American Spanish Day @ The Zoo

Thursday the 8th June was an important date for P6 and not because Theresa May decided to have her snap election that day. P6 managed to secure themselves an opportunity to attend a South American Spanish Day event at Edinburgh Zoo.

To start the day off P6 had a short introduction via a video from Dr. Arnaud Desbiez who manages the RZSS South American projects. This was followed by Sandie Robb explaining a new initiative ‘Science in the Language Class’ which links to RZSS conservation projects to language learning. This led into a fun quiz which covered facts about some South American animals and included Spanish questions on numbers, colours and parts of the body. Afterwards, a gentleman by the name of Xabier San Isidro told us his story of how his love for languages shaped his life. Born in Catalonia, Xabier quickly learned to become a multilinguist with regards to his native language, Spanish and English amongst others. He went onto become a teacher then finally an Education Advisor for the Spanish Embassy. After his presentation, P6 were asked if they would like to participate in a photo shoot alongside Xabier. As you can see from the photo below, they were rather excited by this prospect!

Spanish embassy

Once we had our photos taken, Sandie kindly led us on a guided tour of some South American animals and a few that weren’t. As you can see from our photos, we had an absolute ball in the rain. To top it all off, we also managed to secure the school a fabulous game called, ‘Especies en Peligro’. That’s ‘Endangered Species’ to all you non Spanish speakers.

P6 would like to thank Daisy’s mum and Amelie’s dad for helping us out on the day of the trip and to apologise for how wet you got! 🙂

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