Trip to Gorgie City Farm

On Wednesday we set off to Gorgie City Farm as part of our Food and Farming topic.


We all went on a tour of the farm and got introduced to the animals and learned about the different reasons why farmers keep animals on their farms. We met Queenie the pig who had recently given birth to twelve piglets and we petted three Billy goats. We were also very lucky to get the opportunity to feed the lambs.  We also met some smaller animals such as Speedy the tortoise and Frodo the long haired Guinea pig.


We all loved the Farm to Fork workshop where we learned more about the journey food makes to get from the farm to our plates. One of our favourite activities was making butter. In groups we got an empty water bottle half filled with cream and the children had to shake the bottles as hard as they could. Eventually the cream turned into butter! We even got to taste the butter we had made on crackers. After that we made bouncy balls from real sheep’s wool! We had to roll the wool in circular motions in our hands and dip it into warm water repeatedly. Eventually the wool shrunk and turned into a bouncy ball.

At the end of the trip the children enjoyed playing in the play park before getting the bus back to school.

The staff at Gorgie Farm praised the children on their fantastic listening skills and behaviour! I was very proud of all of them!


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