Craigmillar Castle

The sun has been shining on us the last few days but sadly this was not the case a week or so ago when Primary 2 were due to visit Craigmillar Castle! Despite the torrential rain, Primary 2 and our valiant parent helpers set off undeterred to experience the ‘Tales from the Castle Kitchen’ storytelling tour!

castle 3

castle 2

castle 4

castle 1

castle 5

We learned about the jobs that children might have done in the castle in years gone by!

Some of the jobs included being a ratcatcher, beekeeper or rabbit skinner- which one would you choose?

We learned about the kinds of meat that were eaten by people in the castle and the animals they kept. We learned about the fruits and vegetables that were eaten. We learned how jam was made and preserved.

We learned about the bakery and how bread was made. Children and adults long ago would have eaten a LOT of bread so the bakery was a very important part of the castle. We saw the size of the oven that was used to cook the bread and we saw the size of the huge chimney where meat would be turned on a big spit. We managed to get most of P2 inside the chimney!

We learned that children long ago would have had beer to drink instead of water as it was safer to drink.

We imagined the preparations needed for a fancy meal for the lord and lady of the castle and helped to prepare the room and set the table in the great hall.

An exciting day all round, despite the weather!





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