Cooperative Learning in Primary 7


Primary 7 have had a very eventful and productive few weeks, with last weeks trip to Dynamic Earth being a particular highlight. It was very rewarding to watch the children engaging with the interactive displays and also with the experts manning the stands; they came away much more knowledgeable about our world and the importance of looking after it.

This week I also worked in class with Mr Cummings, the visiting Maths Teacher from James Gillespie’s High School. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm with which the children engaged with their numeracy and to see them identifying the skills they needed to tackle fractions. A key message for parents here is encouraging their children to learn their times tables, as they really are key to children being able to develop their numeracy skills.

We also spent some time working in our cooperative groups this week, using our developing social skills to fulfil a design brief. Working with others is a key skill for life and all the children are progressing well in finding strategies to work together to complete a task. The pictures above show some children working at creating our new wall displays.

We have also started to practice our singing for the Usher Hall concert and many thanks to all of you who have completed the reply slip for attending this event. It is an important event in the transition to High School, as well as being a marvellous opportunity to perform on such a beautiful stage.

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