Indoor Athletics 2017

Our senior pupils were at the Crags Sports Centre on Monday for the annual House Indoor Athletics competition. 

The competition is an opportunity for all our senior pupils to develop their athletics skills and experience the excitement of participating in a competitive sporting event.

For the first time, the competition was opened up to P5 pupils – a reflection of the fact that our P5-7 classes are very much seen as an upper school team.

Pupils had been practising both at school and at the Crags to prepare for the event. In addition, some of our P5-7 had represented tbe school at the recent Sportshall Athletics competition, on which our own event is based.

Over the course of the afternoon, pupils competed in various indoor relay events at the three age groups, with boys and girls participating together. Points were awarded for each race, with 4 for first place down to 1 point for fourth place.

The pupils from each house had selected their teams for each event, with the important proviso that all pupils participated in an equal number of events. This ensures that the competition is inclusive and a genuine reflection of the efforts of each house.

This year’s contest was extremely hard fought with every house managing to win a large number of individual races.

At the end of the afternoon, the points totals were as follows:

4th place – Newington 56 points

3rd place – Clerk 61 points

2nd place – Lutton 67 points

1st place – Oxford 74 points

Congratulations to Oxford who are this year’s winners. The shield will be engraved and proudly displayed in our trophy cabinet.

Next term our focus will turn to cross country, with our House Championships in February and various inter school competitions in March.

House activities and competitions are an important part of life at Preston Street and we are delighted to see everyone having fun and representing their house to the best of their ability.

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