Tartan and Terracotta

P6 children attended a special event at George Watson’s college, Tartan and Terracotta. The projects aim was to make connections between Scotland and China with an emphasis on learning Chinese culture and the Chinese language.

The event was organised by SWIRE, a highly diversified global group. Many of their core businesses can be found within the Asia Pacific region, where traditionally their operations have centred in Hong Kong and Mainland China. A short video clip of SWIRE’s history can be found in the link below.


During the event P6 children participated in singing Chinese songs with other selected primary schools from across Edinburgh. This was largely thanks to the band called Transition. Their first song ʻSorry My Chinese Isnʼt so Goodʼ became an instant YouTube hit. It has gathered close to 2.5 million views and is now an anthem for all foreigners learning Chinese. They also wrote and sang the official theme song for the Taiwanese Olympic team for the London 2012 Games – the first ever foreign band to be given this opportunity.

Afterwards Sandie Robb, Senior Education Officer for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), became quiz master during her ‘beyond the panda’ programme. Within a few minutes she had whipped the room into a frenzy with her learning links to China and Mandarin.

The event was also a platform for four of our P7 girls, Amelie, Bercem, Daisy and Emma to make a short presentation on their cultural trip to Hong Kong. I am proud to say they did a marvellous job representing the school and many of the 200 strong audience thought so too.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Callum Sim on his winning ‘my life and Chinese photography challenge’ entry. His photo of a Cathy Pacific aeroplane model was deemed a fabulous link between Scotland and Hong Kong, especially as SWIRE own the airline.


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One Response to Tartan and Terracotta

  1. mallanprestonstreet says:

    Excellent learning! Looks like you all had a great visit to GWC.

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