Cross Country Championships Report

dsc_3494-1942659883.jpgWell done to all our P5-7 runners for their fantastic efforts at this morning’s House Cross Country Championships.

The competition has been running since 2014, but this fifth edition was definitely the best yet – in terms of pupils’ behaviour, attitude and performance.

img-20180205-wa01741425995743.jpgThe competition was organised into four races – two boys’ events and two girls’ events.


Both boys and girls chose between a 1km race (for newer and less experienced runners) and a 2km race (for more experienced / confident runners).

Points were awarded based on pupils’ positions in the race (with points earned in the 2k race counting for more than the 1k). The points total for each house was then divided by the total number of pupils in that house, to give a final score. (This is fairer than simply adding up total points, as some houses have more pupils than others).


Oxford P5-7 runners with their trophy.

When all the points were tallied up and averaged out, the winners were Oxford, who retain the trophy which they first won last year.

The house totals were:

1st – Oxford (25.26 points)
2nd – Clerk (23.96 points)
3rd – Lutton (22.51 points)
4rd – Newington (22.44 points)

The closeness of the four houses is testament to the very strong level of competition throughout the morning.


The individual medal winners (three from each race).

As well as house points, pupils were awarded special medals for coming first, second and third in each race.


P5 girls with their participation medals.

Additionally, for the first time since this event started, we decided to award every participant a finisher’s medal, to reflect the achievement of everybody in ‘going the distance’ and completing their race.

The top ten in each race was as follows (timings were only recorded for the first three):

Boys’ 1k

img-20180205-wa0004-274197662.jpg1st Kara (P5/6, Oxford) 4 minutes 38 seconds
2nd Sorley (P5/6, Lutton) 4 minutes 44 seconds
3rd Dharun (P6/7, Oxford) 5 minutes 3 seconds
4th Rustum (P5, Newington)
5th Joshua D (P7, Clerk)
6th Taekyoung (P7, Lutton)
7th Caleb (P5, Newington)
8th Noah (P5, Oxford)
9th John (P5, Newington)
10th Fraser (P7, Oxford)




Girls’ 1k

1st Miriam A (P5, Oxford) 4 minutes 55 seconds
2nd Yusra (P5, Clerk) 5 minutes 12 seconds
3rd Emma (P7, Newington) 5 minutes 13 seconds
4th Grace (P7, Oxford)
5th Anna (P7, Clerk)
6th Elsa (P7, Newington)
7th Stefania (P5/6,Clerk)
8th Catriona (P7, Newington)
9th Alice (P6/7, Lutton)
10th Miriam J (P5/6, Newington)

dsc_34891401952149.jpgBoys’ 2k

1st Ben (P5/6, Oxford) 8 minutes 35 seconds
2nd Robert (P6/7, Oxford) 8 minutes 50 seconds
3rd Laurence (P5/6, Lutton) 8 minutes 50 seconds

4th Abdul A (P5, Oxford)
5th Pedro (P7, Lutton)
6th Daniel (P6/7, Newington)
7th Stuart (P7, Oxford)
8th Joshua (P6/7, Clerk)
9th Yiannis (P5, Clerk)
10th Leon (P5, Newington)

img-20180205-wa0168687294227.jpgGirls’ 2k

1st Alex (P7, Oxford) 8 minutes 39 seconds
2nd Emili (P5, Lutton) 9 minutes 26 seconds
3rd Lilah (P5/6, Lutton) 9 minutes 36 seconds
4th Lina (P7, Clerk)
5th Catriona (P6/7, Clerk)
6th Iris (P5/6, Oxford)
7th Arwyn (P7, Newington)
8th Luna (P7, Lutton)
9th Molly (P6/7, Clerk)
10th Leyla (P7, Newington)

It is worth noting that this is Oxford’s second trophy of the year – added to the Indoor Athletics shield which they won in December. They will no doubt be looking forward to June to see if they can make it an unprecedented sporting ‘quadruple’ for 2017-18 by winning our Sports Day and House Relay trophies too!

We must thank all the adults who helped make this event possible. In particular, a special thank you goes to:

Ray Ward, our parent helper, for his help in setting out the course; organising the finish line and recording times and places; and of course his sterling work in leading our running club each week, which has helped so many of our young people develop their fitness and have fun in the outdoors.

Eliot Ambrose, our new Active Schools Co-ordinator, for his assistance in coming early to help Mr Ward with course setup.

Our classroom assistant Mrs Stoica, along with student teacher Miss Hay and parent Jeremy Chowings; for acting as race marshalls in freezing conditions.

The various parents who helped out in walking pupils to and from the event and assisting with supervision – Fiona Chowings, Al Wood, Magda Gniewek, Maya James and Bill Knox, along with Jeremy and Ray who have already been mentioned. Your contribution to such events is invaluable and greatly appreciated. It is fantastic that we can count on parents to provide such enthusiastic support – particularly in the cold weather!

The parents and family members who came along to cheer us on – along with the various joggers, cyclists and members of the public who provided shouts of encouragement along the way!

The P5-7 teaching staff – Mrs Nimbley, Mr Anderson, Ms Craig, Mr MacLean and Mr Price – for both their help and encouragement on the day, and their support in preparing pupils for the event over the course of the spring term.

Finally, a big thank you is due to our magnificent group of P5-7 pupils – your spirit and attitude were first class throughout and you are all stars!


Some of our pupils will now move on to participate in inter-school cross country events which take place after the February break – both during the school day through the EPSSA competitions, and after school through the Edinburgh Schools’ Cross Country League. Our own school competition provides great preparation for these further events – and for those who will not participate in the inter-school competitions, it has given everyone the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of participating in a large-scale running event.

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  1. mallanprestonstreet says:

    Congratulations to all our athletes-well done!

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