Robert Burns – Faculty Installation

Jo McDonald, a parent of a child here at Preston Street, approached me mid January to see if her daughter’s class would be interested in a Robert Burns art workshop. Being an avid lover of Scotland’s national bard, I jumped at the chance to utilise her expertise and asked if she would be willing to work with the three faculty classes. You can imagine my delight when she agreed.

Jo is an extremely talented artist who can boast of exhibitions and commissions from across the globe including the UK, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, France, Australia, USA and South Africa. Her most recent collection can be viewed at the Burns Untold exhibition at Summerhall, a five minute walk from the school, close to the Meadows. You can have an in depth look at Jo’s work at the following web adresss.

Before their creativity ran wild, Jo set the children one simple task. What would Robert Burns look like in today’s society and what career might he have. Their response was phenomenal. Inspired by artists such as Calum Colvin and Jackson Pollock, we had Superheroes, DJ, song writer, politician, political activist, farmer, hippie, story teller and even Bob the Builder amongst many others.

As you can see from the photos below, it was a messy and exhilarating process. The plan is to create a large installation and create a collage in the form of the saltire flag from all the portraits of Robert Burns. Rest assured, a photo will follow once it has been completed.


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