After School Clubs

At Preston Street we have a wide range of after school clubs and activities for all age ranges.

Our clubs are run by a mixture of:

  • School staff;
  • Parent volunteers;
  • Visiting coaches / instructors, including ‘Active Schools’ coaches.

Documents relating to the current after school clubs can be found here:

After School Club Timetable August – December 2018

After School Club Booking form Aug – Dec 2018

Preston Street Active Schools Clubs booking form

Many of our clubs are free of charge, including our football, running, reading, maths and languages clubs. There is a small charge for some clubs, to cover costs of equipment and coaches etc. However financial assistance is always available – please contact our head teacher Mrs Allan, or our family support teacher Mrs Hunter, if you wish to discuss this in confidence.

Thanks to Lindsay and Iain from our Parent Council and Eliot Ambrose, our Active Schools Coordinator, for working closely with the school to ensure we are able to offer a range of high quality activities to all pupils.


Basketball action at the Crags Sports Centre.

Thanks also to  Boroughmuir Blaze for their support in providing fantastic basketball opportunities, both at school and at the Crags Sports Centre. This session, we run a P4-7 basketball club at Preston Street on a Monday afternoon, led by a visiting coach; and a P1-3 club at the Crags on a Thursday afternoon.  There is also a weekly P5-7 fun tournament at the Crags on Friday afternoons, from 2 – 3:30pm – all pupils are welcome to attend.


Football club

This session, we are running five football teams, as listed below. If your child is interested in joining, please contact or ask at the school office. Participation in football is free with all equipment provided by the school.

P5-6 football

There is a P5-6 team which is coached by one of our parents, Stavros Bourmpoulas. Games usually take place on Saturday mornings from 10:30 – 11:30, with players asked to arrive for 10am.

P7 football

The P7 team is coached by a group of parents. Games usually take place on Saturday mornings from 10:30 – 11:30, with players asked to arrive for 9:45am.

P5-7 girls football

Our girls’ section meet at the Meadows tennis courts at 9:30am on Saturday mornings for training and / or games. The team is currently coached by Keith Sutton and Gael Cochrane, two of our parents.

Girls are free either to join the dedicated girls’ section, or the main P5-6 and P7 teams.

P3-4 Football

This will start on Saturday 8th September. Details to follow. Please note that we are in particular need of parent volunteers at this age group.

P1-2 Football

We are introducing a P1-2 football section for the first time ever this year. Initially, this will run on Saturday mornings at the Meadows from 22nd September to 8th October – times tbc. We will then review the situation depending on how much interest there has been during the initial three weeks.

Parent volunteers

We are always looking for parents to help out with football at all age groups – either by holding training through the week or helping with games at the weekend.  If you would be interested in helping out, please contact to get in touch. .


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