English as an Additional Language

Welcome to the English as an Additional Language page.

English as an Additional Language

The EAL (English as an Additional Language) team provide a visiting service which aims to offer support for bilingual pupils and their teachers in school. (Bilingual is defined as someone who uses two or more languages in their daily life.)


Ms Diane Ferguson and Ms Annabel MacWilliam are experienced EAL teachers who work closely with staff and parents to support pupils who have English as an additional language.


The aims at Preston Street School are:

  • To provide English language support across the curriculum for bilingual pupils.
  • To support teachers and others whose work involves bilingual pupils.
  • To promote the welfare of bilingual pupils within the school.
  • To work in partnership with the school to communicate effectively at home.



The EAL teacher has a flexible remit in order to respond to the changing demands of pupils arriving, leaving or ceasing to require additional help. The teacher may at any one time be working with:

  • beginners those with limited English;
  • those who speak English fluently but may not be achieving their full academic potential.


The EAL teacher will work in partnership with the class teachers, and regular liaison will take place in order to plan and evaluate the most effective support. The EAL teacher will work mainly in the class in order to ensure inclusion. The EAL teacher may also advise on assessment, resources and teaching strategies; linguistic and cultural matters; contacts with local community services and interpreting services.


BSA (Bilingual Support Assistant)

Preston Street  currently has a visiting Arabic speaking BSA who provides support in three ways:


  • in the classroom by supporting access to the curriculum and developing English and home language.
  • providing advice and support to staff in general issues of culture, language and religion.
  • supporting effective home school links.

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