Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) is delivered to all learners at Preston Street at part of the Health and Wellbeing curriculum.

We follow a nationally agreed programme of learning which has been developed by the Scottish Government in conjunction with teachers, parents, local authorities, NHS boards and other agencies.

RSHP is an extremely important part of our curriculum and helps us provide a safe, healthy and inclusive learning environment for all pupils. The following leaflet from Healthy Respect provides information for parents about why it is important:

Healthy Respect RSHP Information for Parents

We hold regular parents’ meetings throughout the year where we share details of how we deliver RSHP across the school. We have already held two meetings this year, as well as drop-in information sessions at our Parent Consultations event.

As with all areas of the curriculum, learning within the primary school is split into three curricular Levels:

  • Early Level (Nursery and P1)
  • First Level (P2, P3 and P4)
  • Second Level (P5, P6 and P7)

At the start of every term, we issue guidance to parents to explain what will be taught in RSHP lessons in their child’s class.

The following leaflets provide detail for each level of what is taught at school, and also ways in which you can support your child’s learning at home.

Learning at School in P1

Learning at Home – how to support your child in P1

Learning at School in P2-4

Learning at home – how to support your P2-4 child

Learning at School in P5-7

Learning at Home – how to support your P5-7 child


You can see details about the entire programme by visiting

If you do visit the above site, please be aware:

  • The site is designed for teachers and other interested professionals, so it contains some jargon and technical language;
  • The site contains information about learning for children and young people from 3-18 years of age, so not all the lessons and topics within the site would be delivered within the primary setting.