Below you will find a list of all school staff, with classes for 2018-19. Contact details are listed individually for all four members of the senior management team. If you have a general enquiry and are unsure who to contact, please use our general admin address – and we will do our best to assist you.

Head Teacher

Mrs Maureen Allan

Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Anne McIntosh

Principal Teacher / P6 Teacher

Mr Simon MacLean

Business Manager

Mrs Anne O’Neil  anne.o’

Administrative Assistant

Ms Fiona Watson

Family Support Teacher

Mrs Audrey Hunter

P1A Class Teacher

Miss Leanne Inglis

P1B Class Teacher

Miss Emma Sampson

P2 Class Teacher

Miss Sarah Walsh

P2/3 Class Teacher

Miss Katy Ritty

P3 Teacher

Mr Ali Parkin

P4 Teacher

Ms Heather Percival

P4/5 Teacher

Ms Aisling Groarke

P5 Teacher

Mr Patrick Durkin

P6 Teacher

Mr Simon MacLean / Ms Kym Craig

P6/7 Teacher

Mr Ross Anderson

P7 Teacher

Mrs Colette Nimbley

Addional Support for Learning Teachers

Mrs Louise McGaffin / Mrs Ann Smyth

Visiting PE Teacher

Mr Donald Smith

Visiting Violin Instructor

Mrs Prashanthi Hutton

Visiting Guitar Instructor

Mr Oliver Ridgewell

Visiting Drumming Instructor

Mr Mischa Stevens

Learning Assistants

Mrs Mandy Martin

Mrs Jane Moffat

Mrs Audrey Boswell

Mrs Florina Stoica

Mrs Jan Davidson

Ms Kerry Millar

Mrs Ailleen Holmes

Service Support Officer

Mr Connor Burt

Dining Staff

Ms Joanne Clements

Ms Honor Flynn

Ms Lynne Rodgers


2 Responses to Staff

  1. finlay walker says:

    i it is Finlay walker.i am missing you preston street primary .

    your sinserly Finlay walker please reply back

  2. mallanprestonstreet says:

    Hello Finlay, lovely to hear from you. We all hope you are keeping well and are enjoying your new school. Mrs Allan

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