Transfer to High School

Transition arrangements update – all City of Edinburgh Council schools are closed at present due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This will clearly have an effect on P7-S1 transition arrangements. 

Primaries and high schools will be working hard together to ensure it is still possible to provide transition opportunities – even if these will be different from those which are usually provided.

Information will follow on due course – we thank you for your patience at this challenging time.

The majority of our children transfer to James Gillespie’s High School at the end of Primary 7.

Contact details for James Gillespie’s are as follows:

James Gillespie’s HS
Lauderdale Street

Tel: 0131 447 1900

Click here to visit the JGHS website

The extended transition process

At Preston Street, we work closely with the high school and the other cluster primary schools (the schools whose pupils also transfer to James Gillespie’s PS).

Pupils in P5, P6 and P7 participate in regular joint learning events with their peers from Royal Mile Primary School. We also participate in a number of extra-curricular sporting events with Sciennes and James Gillespie’s PS, including regular friendly football matches and joint running club activities. Here are a couple of examples of such activities:

Winter Series Running Event with James Gillespie’s and Sciennes

P6 joint basketball with Royal Mile PS

In P7, pupils have the opportunity to participate in the ‘Young Leaders in Learning’ programme. The programme sees young people visiting each other’s schools to find out about how different schools operate and share ideas about learning and teaching.

Here are a couple of examples from our Young Leaders in Learning programme:

Young Leaders in Learning visit to James Gillespie’s PS

Hosting a Young Leader visit

Our P7 pupils also have the opportunity to perform alongside S1 pupils at the James Gillespie’s High School Christmas Concert, and our pupils also perform every year at the JGHS ‘Spring Fling’ which is held in the high school’s very own theatre!

Here is a glimpse of the annual Christmas concert:

P7 Usher Hall Christmas Concert

All these events mean that your child will have plenty of opportunity to get to know staff and pupils from JGHS before he / she starts high school.

When your child is in P7

Parents will be informed of transfer arrangements no later than November of the pupil’s last year in primary school. The Head Teacher will ensure that all parents receive a school booklet and will be happy to discuss any issues with you.

In June, every child in P7 who is going to a City of Edinburgh Council high school participates in a three day visit to their new high school. During the three days,  pupils follow their new S1 timetable and get to know the school, their new classmates, and some of the key staff who will be supporting them. Pupils also participate in a special tranisition sports event, led by senior high school pupils. Pupils in P7 will receive information in advance of this visit. (Schools outside Edinburgh, and private schools, may arrange their visits on different dates – these will be communicated directly to parents.)

If you wish to find out more about high schools in Edinburgh, visit:

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