Your child’s learning

Please click on the relevant class from the list below to see an overview of what your child will be learning this term.

The overview contains brief details of what your child will be doing this term across the Scottish Government’s four contexts for learning.

The four contexts for learning are:

  • Learning in the eight individual subject areas (Literacy; Numeracy; Health and Wellbeing; Social Studies; Science; Religious and Moral Education; Technologies; Expressive Arts)
  • Interdisciplinary learning (learning which covers more than one curricular area at the same time, e.g. a combined Art and Science topic)
  • The ethos and life of the school
  • Opportunities for wider achievement

Learning Overviews January – March

Click on each class to download this term’s overview.

P1A and P1B Overview January – March

P2 Term Overview January – March

P2-3 Term Overview January – March

P3 Term Overview January – March

P4-5 Term Overview January – March

P5 Term Overview January – March

P6 Term Overview January – March

P6-7 Term Overview January-March

P7 Term Overview January – March

Ways in which you can keep up with your child’s learning

You can keep up with your child’s learning in a variety of ways throughout the school year. These include:


Parent Consultations – the next one is scheduled for Thursday 28th March 2019


House Learning Events – these take place on Friday mornings during the year and provide an opportunity for parents / carers to chat to their child about his / her learning in a more informal setting. The next dates are:


Clerk 22nd February                    Lutton 1st March

Newington 8th March             Oxford 15th March


Home School Jotters – these are sent home once per term, which contain a ‘snapshot’ of your child’s learning over the course of a particular week.


Weekly News Bulletin for P6 and P7 classes – an email bulletin is issued each week to all P6 and P7 parents on a Thursday or Friday.


School Website – you can follow this blog for news from your child’s class and around the school in general. You can also follow our Facebook Page at